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Sajjad's personal website about nothing!

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Here are links to some interesting sites.

Football Sites: - FIFA's official website (Federation Internationale Football Association) - UEFA's official website (Union European Football Association) - Good football site updated daily with lots of football pics. - Huge database of stadiums from all around the world.   - GIF format pictures of football jerseys from all around the world.   - Nice site to look at where you can download their famous commercials.

News Sites: - British Broadcasting Corporation - Canadian Broadcasting Company - Cable News Network - Voice of America - The Sports Network from Canada - The best American Sports site

Miscellaneous Sites: - Great site with tons of useful downloads, although many are shareware. - The best search engine on the internet. - The best online e-mail that I have found so far on the internet. - A good site to translate text. - Huge movie database.

A Horrible Cartoon #1 By: Me

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